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  • December 14, 2017
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  • August 9, 2018
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  • July 11, 2018
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Best Answer chosen by Julia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
JuliaJulia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
Hi Jonaki,

Good news! You can now delete lists. Go to the Contacts tab and click the green delete button at the bottom of the screen. This pop up will show up:

User-added image

If you choose Delete List, Keep Contacts, the Contacts will stay in All Contacts. If you choose Delete List and Contacts, the Contacts will be totally deleted from the account.

I hope this helps!
Julia Doctoroff
VR Support
Best Answer chosen by Julia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
JoeJoe (VerticalResponse) 

During our chat today, we noticed that you were attempting to send an email that had already been sent. While we can't directly re-send Sent emails, we did solve this by making a Copy of your email, and launching out that new Draft version.

To copy an email, simply go to your Messages folder and check the box next to the email you'd like to copy. Then, click the "Copy" button near the bottom right corner of the page. 

The copy appeared as a new Draft in your Messages folder, and we launched and shared that email to your list and social media followers!

Best Answer chosen by Julia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
JuliaJulia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
VerticalResponse Classic is the pioneering product that we have offered for over a decade. It's sticking around, and we also have our new product VerticalResponse that will be updated frequently with shiny, new, innovative features.
Best Answer chosen by Travis (VerticalResponse) 
TravisTravis (VerticalResponse) 
Hi Jean,

We are working on building out an opt in form for our new product, but it's not available just yet. I'll make sure to add your feedback to our Support Community so we can let you know once this feature is released!

Travis Smith
VerticalResponse Support

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