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Best Answer chosen by Julia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
JuliaJulia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
Hi Jonaki,

Good news! You can now delete lists. Go to the Contacts tab and click the green delete button at the bottom of the screen. This pop up will show up:

User-added image

If you choose Delete List, Keep Contacts, the Contacts will stay in All Contacts. If you choose Delete List and Contacts, the Contacts will be totally deleted from the account.

I hope this helps!
Julia Doctoroff
VR Support
Best Answer chosen by Travis (VerticalResponse) 
TravisTravis (VerticalResponse) 
Hi Jean,

We are working on building out an opt in form for our new product, but it's not available just yet. I'll make sure to add your feedback to our Support Community so we can let you know once this feature is released!

Travis Smith
VerticalResponse Support
I also need email addresses list. Can you provide them?
Best Answer chosen by Travis (VerticalResponse) 
TravisTravis (VerticalResponse) 
Hi Abhiram,

At VerticalResponse we provide the tools to reach out to your your contacts, but we do not provide lists to send to. If you are looking for ways to build your list you should check out our marketing guide on the 10 Steps to Build Your List the Right Way:

Best Answer chosen by Julia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
JuliaJulia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
Yes, you can upload a list with both xlsx ans xls files.
Cassandra Not_EnteredCassandra Not_Entered 
What does private versus public mean in lists?
Best Answer chosen by Customer Support (VerticalResponse) 
JuliaJulia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
Public vs. privatePublic and private lists give your contacts the choice of what emails they want to get from you. So, if your customer wants to get your weekly deals update, but not the monthly company update, they can choose to stay on just the deal list, and you can stay in touch in the way they're looking for. You may have noticed a new option from your unsubscribe link called email preferences.

If you choose to use public lists, title your public lists something your customer will understand will help them choose the lists they're looking for. You can make a list private or public at any time.

I uploaded a csv list to my account - the system rejected 11 addresses as 'unmailable'.
The addresses are fine and need to add them to the list. Is there some way to overide the filter and allow these addresses to be added to list?

Best Answer chosen by Customer Support (VerticalResponse) 
JoeJoe (VerticalResponse) 
I looked into your account and noticed that the "unmailable" addresses are what are referred to as "role-based" addresses. Some examples: Info@, Admin@, Support@, CEO@, Contact@, etc.

These addresses are typically openly available on many websites, and are often "scraped" by bots to be sold on lists. One way we protect against purchased or scraped lists is to prevent role-based addresses from being loaded into Vertical Response accounts.

Unfortunately, we do not have the mechanism to create overrides for these types of addresses at this time. It is certainly something that we expect to have built in in a future release as we work out the specifics of our Delivery standards.

Joe Flores
Vertical Response Support Specialist
Tina WellsTina Wells 
I'm trying to put a contact on multiple distribution lists - but not being allowed. When I type in the email address, the box turns pink and I get a red warning message saying the email address "has already been taken." Any input/advice? Thank you!
Best Answer chosen by Travis (VerticalResponse) 
JaimeJaime (VerticalResponse) 
Hi there Tina! I'm from the Verticalresponse support team and I'll be happy to help you out! The error message you're recieving means that the email address already exists on another mailing list within your account. Once an email is in your account you can just select the lists you want to add it to, no need to add it again!

To do this. you'll need to get to the Lists Membership tab by clicking on the email address you want to add to a different list.

Then click on the List Memberships tab where you'll see a checkmark next to all the lists that address is on; either click a box to add to a list or click the checkmark in the box to remove it from the list. The Access column on the right will tell you if the list is marked as public or private. And that's it!  Be sure to click Save in the bottom left to save your changes.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

Jim CaseyJim Casey 
Is this coming soon?
Best Answer chosen by Julia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
JuliaJulia (VerticalResponse, Inc.) 
Hi Jim,

We're listening to your feedback, and I wanted to let you know we just added in the sign-up form feature.

Learn more about how to create a sign up form here (

Julia Doctoroff
VR Support

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