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I uploaded a csv list to my account - the system rejected 11 addresses as 'unmailable'.
The addresses are fine and need to add them to the list. Is there some way to overide the filter and allow these addresses to be added to list?

Best Answer chosen by Customer Support (VerticalResponse) 
JoeJoe (VerticalResponse) 
I looked into your account and noticed that the "unmailable" addresses are what are referred to as "role-based" addresses. Some examples: Info@, Admin@, Support@, CEO@, Contact@, etc.

These addresses are typically openly available on many websites, and are often "scraped" by bots to be sold on lists. One way we protect against purchased or scraped lists is to prevent role-based addresses from being loaded into Vertical Response accounts.

Unfortunately, we do not have the mechanism to create overrides for these types of addresses at this time. It is certainly something that we expect to have built in in a future release as we work out the specifics of our Delivery standards.

Joe Flores
Vertical Response Support Specialist
Dear Team

Let's say I have done a campaign from one account and would like to do another campaign using the same account by buying credits pay as you go. Could I use upgrade option for this purpose?

Best Regards
Best Answer chosen by hasintha
KarissaKarissa (VerticalResponse) 
Hi Hasintha, 

You could call or chat into us to upgrade, yes. Or if you would like, you could give me your account log in address and then let me know what which plan you need and I can get this taken care of for you. 

Karissa H.
  • August 3, 2016
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  • June 2, 2016
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  • June 2, 2016
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  • May 17, 2016
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Set up maillist from website, used my personal Gmail to signup, message went right to spam (seemingly since title or content included "Please Confirm Your Subscription" which is often used by spammers/phishers) (

Looking over, it seems classic gave you an option to change opt in emails, but I dont see an option to do this with new system

Anything I can do about this?

Best Answer chosen by Eric (VerticalResponse) 
TimTim (VerticalResponse) 
Hello Gregory,

Unfortunately, as of now the ability of customizing your sign up form's confirmation email has not yet made its way to our newer platform, but if you will send your suggestion to I will attach your case to the Feature Request and get the ball rolling on that.

Tim Elder
VerticalResponse Support

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